Medical Institutions can now use our eSign Plans for free

August 1, 2022

Sapan Parekh

Co-founder, Head of Business


During these harrowing times, medical institutions are providing an invaluable service. At a time like this, paperwork in medical institutions can be a big hassle, inconvenience and time-waster.

We want to, in our own way, try and help with this problem.

Introducing our COVID Relief Plan - specially for medical institutions.

In an attempt to help medical institutions eliminate the avoidable friction of paperwork- Leegality is waiving our license fees and transactional fees (for virtual and DSC eSign) for medical institutions for a period of 60 days.

Through this, medical institutions can sign and manage vendor/supplier contracts, procurement agreements, forms and other legal documentation completely electronically - in a zero touch, paper-free, safe and contactless manner.

If you are a medical institution then please email us at "" to get started right away.

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Stay safe!