COVID-19: Flatten the curve now!

April 17, 2024

Aditya Patel

Director - Growth


India saw its 100th case of the COVID-19 disease yesterday (15 March 2020). Trends across the world have shown that COVID-19 grows exponentially at a much faster rate after this mark. Therefore, India – which, in any event, has low public health capacity – is at great risk at suffering an Iran or Italy style outbreak. The consequences will be disastrous.

How does one act?

While people must continue to urge governments to take strong, urgent, sensible public health measures – society itself must play a key role. To give Indian public health systems a chance to cope – it is imperative to work towards “flattening the curvei.e keeping the spread of the disease to a level where the public health system ‘can manage’ treatment. This is accomplished by ‘social distancing’ – minimizing/removing close contact between people.

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While social distancing in India has significant practical challenges – with dangerous potential social and economic consequences for large sections of society (daily wage labourers, small business owners etc.) – society must still put in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 to avoid a larger disaster.

Efforts have already begun in many cases.

It is inevitable that Work From Home/Mobile Working will be the only sensible and responsible option for all companies who can do it. Here at Leegality, we have begun remote working from today.

Minimising Business Disruption

Mobile working/WFH will strain systems and force us to change our work habits in unforeseen ways. At the same time, it is critical that this move succeeds in order to minimize business disruption and reduce risk of economic consequences – which can have second order effects which would prove more disastrous for society at large. It is important that your business prepares now – as work from home increasingly becomes the only sensible option.

The Kerala Government has recently acknowledged the vital role that Internet needs to play in minimizing disruption. The potential for Internet based commerce to play a vital role in keeping the economy on track (or, at the very least, minimizing damage) is crucial to ensure we can manage the COVID-19 outbreak. Tech companies have a vital role to play in this – both directly and indirectly.

Minimise disruption with digital documentation

We can only imagine the problems your business may be going through – your compliance and business agreements may be delayed because your authorised signatory is stuck at home. Your SMB customer may require an urgent working capital loan, but your agent may not be able to pay a field visit to sign a contract. Your new employees may have had their joining dates postponed as they need to physically sign documents at your office.  There may be disruptions in stamp paper supply.

eSign and Digital Stamping companies in India can play a seminal role in ensuring your businesses documentation continues to flow and that your contracts continue to be executed in a legally binding manner.

To minimise disruption – encourage your organisation to adopt an eSign platform today.

Use Leegality ‘License Free’ for 30 days

To ensure minimal disruption to your business – Leegality is offering license free usage of our eSign, Digital Stamping and Document Workflow platform – with full functionality enabled  – for a period of 30 days. This means we will be waiving off our license fees for this period – with only transactional costs chargeable (to ensure we are also able to sustainably provide you services).

Our eSign and digital stamping solutions are used by multiple top companies to digitally sign and stamp their documents. Our solutions help businesses:

  1. Render their documents into ‘secure electronic records’ with verifiable audit trail enhancing enforceability.
  2. Pay stamp duty digitally – for a fully digital, but legally compliant flow
  3. Eliminate manual errors in filling up documents through our advanced workflow and template features. You can populate documents directly from your LOS/LMS/CRM/ERP systems.
  4. Eliminate signature fraud with options like geolocation capture, face capture, liveliness checks and Aadhaar certificate verifier
  5. Store executed documents in a secure bank-grade cloud with ISO 27001 security standards
  6. Automate their organisational signing of documents through our auto sign options. Or alternatively, bulk sign documents using a DSC Token and a single click.

Check out our introductory deck, a basic signing demo and our API Documentation. You can also try out a free transaction here.

If you like what you see – please contact our digital document experts at the following number +91 1141 70704,  alternatively you can email us at to avail of the 30 day license free period. Or you can just click here.

If you don’t like what you see – its ok. Just ensure your business adopts mobile working/Work From Home.

Help flatten the curve today!