How Dvara KGFS is using Leegality to speed up JLG Loan Disbursal and enhance the borrower experience

August 1, 2022

Aditya Patel

Director - Growth


Dvara KGFS is a fast growing rural NBFC - providing access to micro-credit and wealth management services to Indians in rural areas. It has an extensive presence in Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha, spread across 48 Districts with 297 branches and more than 1 million enrolled customers.

Dvara reaches its customers through an extensive network of field staff – known as “Wealth Managers” – who build relationships, give advice and facilitate last-mile paperwork for disbursal of loans to borrowers.

Dvara KGFS’ primary product is the Joint Liability Group Loan. The main paperwork challenge with JLG loans is that there are multiple co-borrowers that need to sign a single agreement – making it a logistical nightmare to just get all signatories in one location! This problem was exacerbated during COVID-19 – when physical movement was restricted.

A snapshot from Dvara's website

It is, therefore, not surprising that Dvara KGFS was one of Leegality’s lockdown adopters – where in a span of less than two months – they went from booking a demo call to going live with Leegality eSign across their JLG lending operations.

We recently sat down with Mr. L Murty – Deputy CEO at Dvara KGFS to talk about his experience with Leegality.

In this 10 minute conversation, Mr. Murty talks to us about:

  • What was the main problem that led Dvara to look for a solution like Leegality
  • Why Dvara ended up choosing Leegality in the end
  • Two key benefits that Dvara is realizing with Leegality
  • His favourite part about the product
  • Why he doesn’t talk to the Leegality team anymore (and why that’s a good thing!) 

You can VIEW the entire conversation here:

READ some abridged excerpts from the interview in the downloadable colour PDF of the case study:


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