How going paperless with LCO agreements has helped Airtel improve service quality

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Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 18 countries across Asia and Africa. Airtel ranks amongst the top 3 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers. In India, the company's product offerings include 2G, 3Gand 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, high speed home broadband, DTH, enterprise services including national &international long distance services to carriers.

Airtel’s LCO (Local Cable Operator) vertical, which is a subsidiary of its fixed line services, has been tasked with onboarding partners across the country. These partners, usually local cable or internet operators, act as sales channels through whom Airtel provides its broadband services to the end consumer

Airtel’s new Leegality powered digital onboarding process for LCO partners

Business Development Manager coordinates with LCO Partner on phone. Agreement is sent to them electronically from Airtel’s Head Office via the Leegality Dashboard

The LCO Partner receives the signing invitation over SMS and email.

Airtel’s Business Development Manager calls the partner and informs him that the agreement has been sent for eSign

LCO Partner views the agreement and eSigns the agreement. Airtel Authorized Signatory receives the agreement and eSigns it. Completed agreement is immediately sent to LCO partner and stored on Airtel’s servers

How onboarding with and using Leegality has been for AirtelThe solution you gave me was ready to be implemented thevery next day.Leegality is easy to implementThere was Waqim (tech lead at Leegality). Actually, we neverneeded his help also. So we just talked to him once or twice.I think there was a handshake and in two or three days it wasdone. The feedback for Waqim has been also very good fromthe development side.Simple API integration withminimal tech team involvementFEATURE SPOTLIGHTAutomate at scale with Leegality’s Excel Upload featureWith business growing at an impressive pace, Airtel decided to increase the share of commissiongiven to its partners. For this, all 1700 partners were required to sign an addendum to theirpartnership agreement. Doing this one by one - even through a digital process - would havebeen quite a pain.That’s when Airtel decided to use Leegality’s Excel Upload Feature.During our conversation with Ravi Bajaj - his phone pinged three times. “Another partner hassigned” he told us after each ping. Thanks to the Excel Upload feature - he could sit back andhave a detailed conversation with us while Leegality did all the work!Ravi Bajaj, Senior Product Manager @ Airtel X LabsThere were some changes in the Airtel ecosystem. To our partners we were sharing somepart of our commission or, you know, incentive. But to implement that, we needed someaddendum to be signed by all these partners that they agreed to the new pay structure. Sofor that only we wanted all our 1700 partners to sign that addendum for us. So that's whywe consumed the feature, which Utkarsh helped us [with] last week on a very short notice9On the support side I'll rate Utkarsh (our Account Manager)11/10. The way he responds to our SMS, emails, calls. Lastweek, I just dropped him an SMS "SOS" and the call from himlanded in a fraction of seconds.. I couldn't expect any more. Wedo not do that for our customers. At Airtel we do not do that.We resolve the problems in eight hours.Ravi is referring to a mini-crisis where Airtel had made a smallmistake in sending out the signing invites. 3000 signatures wereat risk of being affixed incorrectly. He got it corrected. And that was really amazing. He helpedus save some 3000 signatures.