Fetching doucment details - GET API

With GET API 3.3, you can get details about all documents triggered from your Leegality account. 

Sounds familiar to a Webhook? The difference is that Webhook 2.5 will only inform you of the occurrence of an event. It does not share the document itself. To get the files and the document details in API 3.3, you will need to make a GET call.

While using the API, you can choose to enable only those parameters that you want to receive. The GET API can be configured as per your requirements. 

This API can be used to fetch:


Signed documents, audit trail, reference attachments and supporting documents


Details about each signer & reviewer associated with the document, and the status of the document.


Details of the template/Workflow used to trigger the document.


Details of the account/sender/folder from which the document was sent.

Here are some screenshots of various GET API responses:

File and audit trail

Document details

Invitation status