Can I use an API if I don't have a workflow?

Yes- click here to find out how you can use Leegality APIs even without Workflows. However, that can only happen with API 2.1, which is likely to be deprecated soon. So it is recommended that the updated 3.0 APIs be used with Workflows.

What APIs are absolutely necessary for us to have the APIs going?


POST API to create an eSign request


Webhook for getting regular updates on specific events


GET API (v3.3) to fetch the signed document

Having said this, APIs depend on a use-case-to-use-case basis. So depending on your use case, you might need to use lesser or more APIs than the list above.

Can I create the workflow with the help of API without the use of Leegality dashboard?

No, a workflow can only be created using the Leegality Dashboard.

Is there a specific time constraint within which I can use GET API for a particular document?

You can use the GET API at any point in time as long as the document has not been deleted. GET API to fetch a document returns the document in a CDN URL. This CDN URL allows users to download a document from the server within 5 minutes of its creation. If the link expires, you can hit the API again to generate a new CDN URL.

What is the difference between Details API and Fetch API in 3.3?

Details API 3.3 is used to fetch additional meta-data pertaining to a document along with the document itself. Whereas, Fetch API is used to fetch a document associated with any specific document ID, such as the document itself, audit trail, attachment, or supporting documents.

Where can I find the request and response payload for each API?

Please visit docs.leegality.com/v3 to see how the request and response payloads look for different APIs. You can also use the Postman collection to test on Postman to see what the response would look like.

Is there any timeframe to hit certain APIs or we can hit it at any point in time?

No, there is no specific timeframe. APIs can be hit at any point of time.

Can I use API v2.1 and v3.0 both in one license? One through Workflow and another through New Document.

Yes, you can. However, API v2.1 will eventually be deprecated.

If stamp group & value and Revenue series & quantity are both present in the API payload, then both are mandatory. Can we make these fields non-mandatory, as all 4 values may not be applicable for each API call?

You can create a different Workflow as per the use case.

Are expiry days configurable over APIs?

You can use API to reactivate expired documents within 30 days of expiry. Please note that if an unsigned Stamped Document has expired, it cannot be reactivated using this API. For API v3.0 you cannot since you can configure it directly in the Workflow creation process

Can we download the audit trail and the signed documents at once?

If the document has been signed and the audit trail has been generated, you can use the GET APIs to generate URLs for the audit trail and the document at the same time.

Can I fetch the document and audit trail without the use of the webhook destination URL?

Yes, you can use the GET API to fetch the signed document and the audit trail. However, we recommend using webhooks as this will help you get the information in real-time.

Can we use API to retrigger the notifications to the signers?

Yes, we can. Please see our add-on APIs here.

Can we fetch the status of WhatsApp notifications logs for notifications sent to the signers for whom WhatsApp notifications are enabled?

Not currently, but we are planning to develop the capability to do the same.