Everything Banks and NBFCs need to know about NeSL's DDE platform

Learn how your Bank or NBFC can benefit from the government’s new NeSL DDE platform and build 100% digital loan flows

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Date: 02 December 2021, Thursday


Time: 12 PM IST, Duration: 1 hour


NeSL DDE is a government-run platform that Banks and NBFCs can use to execute their loan documents digitally. It also provides India's first 100% digital stamping system


NeSL DDE enables Banks and NBFCs to stay compliant with IBC requirements for their lending data and documentation.


With this in mind, we’ve partnered with NeSL to create the Leegality NeSL Suite - a FAST and EASY way for Banks and NBFCs to go-live with NeSL DDE

In this webinar, we will show you:

  • The legal framework behind NeSL - and whether it is actually mandatory for your organization
  • How NeSL actually works
  • How your Bank or NBFC can leverage the Leegality NeSL Suite to implement and go-live with NeSL DDE fast
  • How NeSL’s revolutionary new 100% digital stamping system can save you money and hassle
  • Potential use cases for NeSL in your Bank or NBFC
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There will also be an Open Q&A at the end of the session - ask us anything!

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Who should attend the webinar -

  • Business teams from Banks, NBFCs and other lending organizations
  • Product Managers of lending products
  • General counsels (Legal Team) of Banks, NBFCs and other lending organizations
  • Operations teams handling lending operations
  • Digital Transformation enablers in Banks and NBFCs

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Meet Our Hosts

Webinar speaker

Nayan Banerjee

Head of Strategy and Partnerships
@ Leegality
Webinar speaker

Aditya Patel

Director of Marketing
@ Leegality

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It’s all good. We will share the video recording of the session and supporting documents via email.

Register for the webinar. We will share the recording of the session and supporting documents via email.

Absolutely! We’ll have an Open Q&A at the end of the webinar - where you can pick our brains about all things NeSL!

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