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See how India’s first Fingerprint eSign can help you offer accessible digital document journeys for your customers across India.

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Highlights from the webinar

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Interesting questions asked during the webinar

Does Fingerprint eSign work for remote signing?

Yes, it works for both remote and in-person journeys.

Is Fingerprint eSign legal in India and valid in the court of law?

Yes, Fingerprint eSign is a valid mode of eSigning in India for most documents. It is a legally valid mode of conveying acceptance of the terms of a contract under Section 10A of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Today, a lot of paperwork is executed via fingerprints. Leegality's fingerprint eSign simply digitises this workflow. For further ease of enforcement, (i) an OTP security layer has been added on top to authenticate the signer's identity; (ii) Leegality backs up the Fingerprint eSign by affixing a neutral digital signature on the document which prevents the document from tampering; and (iii) it comes with a Secure Audit Trail which maintains the record of signing and enjoys presumptions of validity under Section 85 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

Does Fingerprint eSign work with APIs?

Yes, Fingerprint eSign is available through Leegality APIs as well

Can we use the fingerprint scanner in mobiles to eSign?

No, mobile phone technology currently does not allow for fingerprint impressions or images to pass and be used by other applications as an image. Fingerprint eSign is currently only possible for assisted journeys

Does Leegality verify Fingerprint with Aadhaar records?

No, Leegality does not verify fingerprint with Aadhaar records - since this will require us to store both Fingerprint data and Aadhaar data. We are 100% compliant with Indian privacy laws - so we don't store either data.

How is Fingerprint eSign different from Aadhaar Biometric eSign?

Fingerprint eSign is a legally secure way to sign documents using their fingerprint and verified with an OTP. It's the perfect eSign solution when the customer can't verify their Aadhaar details or are uncomfortable eSigning using their Aadhaar.

What are the technical requirements for using Fingerprint eSign?

Fingerprint eSign works on Windows and Android devices. It also requires Mantra Biometric Devices for affixture of the digital imprint. However Leegality is currently working on support for other biometric devices as well.

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