How Arohan Financial uses Digital Paperwork to drive financial inclusion by making Joint Liability Group (JLG) loan disbursal faster and easier

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Our employees are extremely happy about the new digital JLG loan paperwork process as it saves them time and energy. As a result of the pandemic, we have been facing various on-ground challenges in the field pertaining to collections. Today, with the intervention from Leegality, our field employees can spend more time enabling collections while also sourcing new customers.”

Arvind Murarka
Senior Vice President and Head-IT

Arohan BEFORE and AFTER Leegality:

Arohan before Leegality

Arohan after Leegality

Arohan comparison table

Customers were having a hard time: Arohan’s customers had to travel 20-25 kilometres and lose at least half a day’s earnings to come to the branch to sign the loan documentation.

Arohan comparison table

Happy customers: Customers can now remotely eSign from a location of their convenience or can eSign on the loan officer’s tablet during his visit

Arohan comparison table

Shackled by paperwork: Employees had to devote significant time in printing and organizing the loan documentation

Arohan comparison table

Liberated from paperwork: Arohan’s field force and central teams can now focus more productively on other key tasks - like improving collections

Arohan comparison table

Accessing documents was difficult: Retrieval of documents from storage was a slow process

Arohan comparison table

Documents are just one click away: Arohan’s documents are easily accessible on its DMS

Arohan comparison table

Increasing costs: Arohan had to pay costs of storage for 7 years. It also had to pay for printing and transportation costs

Arohan comparison table

Save on costs: No more storage, printing and transportation costs.

Arohan comparison table

Prone to Mistakes: Manually entering data led to mistakes in documentation. Which led to spillover compliance issues.


Zero Mistakes: Documents are auto-populated via Leegality’s Template Engine - leaving no room for errors

In this case study →

Arohan’s Senior Vice President and Head-IT talks to us about:

  • Their JLG loan documentation execution process before and after Leegality
  • The problems of a physical process, especially for their customers
  • Evaluation criteria for choosing a Digital Paperwork partner
  • The benefits of digital JLG loan documentation for their business
  • Certain necessary features required for Digital Paperwork to become a reality for MFIs
  • Their interaction with Leegality’s support and account management teams

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