In an earlier post, we talked about the basics of Aadhaar eSign and how digital signatures function. In this post, we are going to talk about how businesses can utlise Aadhaar eSign to optimise and automate their paperwork and save significant time, money and resources.

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A fundamental aspect of any business involves interacting with external entities – other businesses, individuals and governmental entities. Be it in the form of clients, service providers, partners, employees, investors, directors etc. Infact, a business only exists to interact with other parties and generate enough value out of such interactions.

All such interactions have some clearly laid down and agreed upon terms upon which the parties agree to base their actions. These terms are usually laid down in written forms formally, through agreements, registration forms, MOUs, and other legal documents. To provide legal validity to such documents, they need to be executed, which means they need to be signed by the parties involved or their authorised representatives.

Usually this process of executing the documents takes a lot of unnecessary time, money and resources, definitely much much more than it should, and leads to distractions from the core processes for which the documents are being executed.

Before executing an agreement, a business needs to pay Stamp Duty for the agreement and procure the Stamp Paper, finalise the draft of the agreement, sign it, send couriers to other parties and wait for them to sign the documents and send it back, and then allocate enough space and care to safely store such documents.

Using Aadhaar eSign based digital signatures and Leegality’s advanced Documentation Gateway, they can eliminate the hassles involved with the entire process. The entire process right from drafting to procurement of Stamp Paper to collecting signatures and to storing the executed documents can be automated using Leegality’s tools, in a completely legally manner.

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Leegality’s eSigning, Auto-Drafting & eStamping APIs help you to integrate all these functionalities for your users within your applications in a very convenient fashion. Once integrated, the documentation processes become completely automated and there is no need for any manual intervention in the process. A business ends up not only saving significant resources, but is also able to reduce document pipeline timeline from a couple of weeks to a single day, onboard customers much faster without any need to meet or send anything physically, and improve customer experience drastically. All this at a extremely affordable and nominal prices.

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